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Skilled Nursing Care and Assisted Living

Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc. strives to create an enjoyable atmosphere that allows residents to retain their dignity, offers interesting and appropriate activities, and establishes programs that offer interaction.

Family Owned and Operated Since 1960

Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc.'s Skilled Nursing 
Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc.'s facilities are appropriate for individuals who require 24-hour supervision and medical monitoring, rehabilitation, or certified wound care.

Bornemann CBRF Assisted Living Facilities. "Personal care home" operations are for the "well elderly" as well as those with a variety of mental or developmental illnesses who need assistance with bathing, dressing, taking medications and eating.

  • Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc.'s facility meets medical needs as well as personal care, providing quality services.
  • Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc. addresses prospective residents' fears and misconceptions of nursing homes through facility tours and helpful marketing materials.
  • Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc. hires staff and managers who are skilled and understand challenges faced by the elderly.
  • We offer solutions to residents and families facing healthcare challenges.

Three levels of care are provided by Bornemann Nursing Home, Inc:

Basic Care- Defined as the level of service required to maintain residents’ activities of daily living (personal care, physical activity, supervision and safety). This care can be provided by nurse's aides or practical nurses.

Skilled Care- Defined as the level of care which requires the services of an R.N. or L.P.N. on a daily or regular basis for treatments and procedures. Skilled care also includes services provided by specially trained professionals, such as physical, occupational and respiratory therapists as well as dietitians and social workers.

Sub-Acute- Comprehensive inpatient care designed for those with acute illnesses, injuries, or exacerbation in the disease process. Sub-acute care is generally more intensive than traditional nursing facility care, requiring frequent (daily) recurrent patient assessment and review.

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