patient smiling at camera“I did not know what to expect when coming to Bornemann’s Senior Community, but I am very glad that I chose to come here.

Before coming to Bornemann’s Senior Community, I was admitted into Bellin Hospital. Once I was okay to leave Bellin is when I came to the nursing home part of Bornemann’s Senior Community. There, I attended the rehab program and was very pleased with the results. After being in the nursing home is when I made the transfer into CBRF South; another part of Bornemann’s Senior Community. After a long couple months, I am happy to say that I am finally going home.

I really enjoyed it here during my stay. I am going to miss every single person who I came in contact with here. Whether it be the ones who were taking care of me, or my fellow neighbors, they are all going to be missed. I do plan on coming back and visiting when I am able to. I cannot speak highly enough of this community. “

~ Chuck B.

“My first thought when the hospital told me I should go to a rehab facility was how scared I was, but from the beginning everything I needed was there. Bornemann Senior Communities changed my life in such a positive way.”

“Excellent is the only word I can think of to describe my stay at Bornemann. The staff became my family while I was there. The quality of the food was beyond words and rivals many of the local restaurants! I would recommend them a million times over. Bornemann Senior Communities taught me that I could be taken care of even while I was away from home. I can now say that I am going home safe and will be successful.”

~ Judy R.