Bornemann ActivitiesActively Engaging with Residents and the Community

At Bornemann, we’re active in the Green Bay community and we have many groups who come in to provide entertainment or just to volunteer their services. We  encourage participation from the community, because we feel it creates a vibrant and energetic environment for our residents to thrive. If you’d like to bring your group to Bornemann or would like to volunteer, please contact us or fill out the form below.

Daily Activities

We understand that keeping connected with others not only makes life more enjoyable, it actually reduces your risk for many diseases and will improve and extend your quality of life. That’s why we encourage our residents to take part in our numerous activities. Whether it’s a special celebration, a movie night or a game of Bingo, our residents have numerous opportunities every day for socialization and fun.

June 2019


  • 4th 10:45 – Res Council
  • 6th – 2:00 – Music w/ Roger
  • 11th – 5:00 – Outdoor Concert
  • 13th – 11:30 – Volunteer Luncheon
  • 18th – 10:45 – Music w/ Sister Jeannette
  • 21st – 2:00 – Ice Cream Social
  • 27th – 2:00 – Birthday Party

Volunteer Interest Form